Chicken Walker

Name: AT-ST, All Terrain Scout Transport

Origin: Star Wars

Type: Light Armored Scout Walker 

In Use By: Galactic Empire most other Star Wars factions later.

Powered By: Powa Tek AH-50 energy cell

Destructive Capacity: Building Level+

Durability: standard blaster level weapons+ 

Material: 9095-T8511 grade durasteel

Performance: 90 Km/h

Weaknesses: Heavy laser fire, missiles and physical attacks to the legs and sides of the head. Also the slots are vulnerable to grenades. Despite All Terrain nomenclature can be tripped by rapidly shifting terrain (getting rolling logs under the feet for instance)

Terrain: Mostly All Terrain however quickly shifting terrain will trip it up. Was considered most effective in urban environments.

Needed Pre-requisites for use: Training with it or similar vehicles (similar in it's universe at least). Needs a Pilot and Gunner.

Operational Timeframe: From the build up to the rise of the Galactic Empire (was used by the CIS) to the New Jedi Order Era of Star Wars

Weaponry: 1 MS-4 twin blaster cannon, 1 Light E-Web twin blaster cannon, 1 Dymek DW-3 Concussion grenade launcher armed with Homing concussion missiles.

Weapons Range: 2 Km

Special Forms: 

AT-ST/A; All Terrain Scout Transport/Assault: Assault model of AT-ST with longer legs, heavy chin mounted blaster cannon and completely enclosed cockpit. 

AT-KT; All Terrain Kashyyyk Transport:AT-ST designed and fitted with big weapons to the upper portions of the legs used for guerrilla warfare against the Wookiees

AT-CT; All Terrain Construction Transport: AT-ST fitted with arms for constructions and not used for combat, had anti gravity beams for lifting and hurling objects with force to harm infantry. Could be used for anti infantry purposes by using the environment.

AT-RCT; All Terrain Riot Control Transport: Clone Wars era model with open cockpit, larger scale version of the older AT-RT saw use all the way to the current Legacy Era of Star Wars.

AT-MP; All Terrain Missile Platform: Squat AT-ST model boasting 8 missile launchers and a rotary chaingun, was initially mocked by Rebels...then they opened fire on the Rebels.

Notable Features: Lightly armored but powerfully armed walker with very lanky legs giving rise to the nickname chicken walker.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

FP Victories:

Goliath (StarCraft)

FP Defeats:

Hammerhead Gunship (Warhammer 40K)

Tripod (War of the Worlds)

Inconclusive Matches:


Respect Thread(s):

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