Badass Daemon Prince of Khorne

The CharacterEdit

Name: Angron

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Gender: Male

Classification: Space Marine Primarch of the World Eaters/Daemon Prince of Khorne

Age: 10,000+ years old (possibly alot older due to time dialations in the warp)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reaction time and stamina, regeneration (low-mid to low-godly), immortality (Types 2 and 4), extremely skilled hand to hand combatant, strong resistance to magic, strong resistance to mindfuck and soulfuck, immunity to disease and toxins | Teleportation, reality warping, energy projection, dimension warping, soul manipulation, flight, energy like body, several more (as a Daemon Prince)

Weaknesses: Nemesis Force Weapons, such as those weilded by the Grey Knights

Lifting Strength: Class 100+ (brushed off the weight of an entire mountain, can easily support the weight of a Titan physically, fore reference being a many ten thousand+ ton mech via lowballing)

Striking Strength: Class T+ (destroys mountains with his strikes)

Speed: Hypersonic+, High Hypersonic+ reactions

Durability: Multi-Mountian+ (tanked an entire mountain being destroyed on him, it did nothing other than piss him off (said mountain having a fortress that was tanking Titan fore for months), him getting up from under the rubble caused more damage, armor tanks plasma bolts, multi-melta, lascannon blasts and large amounts of tank mounted weaponry without damage)

Destructive Capacity: Mountain+ with physical attacks, plasma pistol blasts have heat equivalent to solar flares

Range: Several meters melee range, several hundred meters with Spite's Furnace, several kilometers+ with ranged powers, planetary/cross dimensional as a Daemon Prince (capable of mindraping entire planets to insanity with his presence, planetary reality warping)

Stamina: Huge, can fight for weeks on end without breaking a sweat

Factpile Tier: High Metahuman

Primarch Angron | Daemon Prince Angron


Bloodreaper (Daemonic Sword)

Gorefather (Chainaxe)

Spite's Furnace (Plasma Pistol)

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

800px-Betrayer final

Lorgar and Angron wrecking shit

FP VictoriesEdit

Blackbeard (One Peice) - Blackbeard Profile (Angron can solo any verse from the Power 6, easily ranking above top tier)

Grey Knights (Warhammer 40K) (was allied with Kharn, Skulltaker, Skarbrand, An'ggrath and Doombreed)

Hulk (Marvel) - Hulk Profile

FP DefeatsEdit

Asura (Asura's Wrath) - Asura Profile

Spawn and the Redeemer (Image Comics) - Spawn Profile, Redeemer Profile (Was allied with Horus and still lost)

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