The CharacterEdit

Name: Beyonder

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Pre-Retcon version of the Beyonder erased an entire galaxy with ease.

He destroyed Death, but was greatly weakened from the effort. The Puma, when in perfect harmony with the universe was also stated to be able to destroy him; He had to exert himself against the Molecule Man; And he was once overloaded by the Rachel Summers Phoenix, after which he collapsed on the ground. His power was also temporarily stolen by Doctor Doom, and he briefly transfered it to a machine.

He was claimed to be either omnipotent or nigh omnipotent on different occasions, and to have power a million times greater than Multiversal scale. However, his portrayed limits cast doubt on that claim as well as show that he is not, in fact, omnipotent.


Weaknesses: Lost his power (or in one case gave away half his power) on various occasions. Can be severely weakened by extreme cosmic acts of force. He claimed to be omniscient, but in practice had to learn everything by experience.

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Immeasurable

Speed: Infinite (As fast as he wants to be), Omnipresent within the Beyond Ream

Durability: Multi-Megaverse Level+

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Megaverse Level+

Range: Multi-Megaversal+

Stamina: Infinite