Black PantherEdit

Name:Black Panther
Age: Gender:Male
Origin: (link to Universe of origin - Example Halo)
Birthplace: Alternate Form: (link to alternate Character Profile if any)

Factpile StatsEdit

FactPile Avatar:

FactPile Battle Record
Duel Matches
((Number of individual Duel, Swordfight, etc. fights for the character))
Group Matches
((Number of Group Combat, Tag Team, Gauntlet, etc. fights for the character))
Universe Matches
((Number of Universe fights for the character
FactPile Award ((Avatars and links to matches)) Example:

Master Chief Vs Samus

Hall of Shame
((Avatars and links to matches)) Example:

Master Chief Vs Samus

((Type of entry such as What If..., Gallery, Article, etc.)) ((Link to entry))

Character Tier: (number and link to Tier Page - Example 5:C)
Strength: (number)
Speed: (number)
Agility: (number)
Durability: (number)
Intelligence: (number)
Energy Output: (number)
Special: (number)
Standard Equipment: (text)





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