Blackheart rises by jaredjlee-d3aswhe

The CharacterEdit

Name: Blackheart

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Male

Classification: Demon, Hell-Lord

Age: Unknown

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions and stamina, uses a combination of magic and cosmic powers, summoning, energy manipulation and projection, energy shields, elemental manipulation, shadow manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, illusions, can mask his presence, possession, psonic abilities (shields and blasts), flight and levitation, enhanced senses, immortality (Types 3 and 4), regeneration (high (can regenerate on the sub molecular level) to low-godly), can surpress his opponents powers, reality warping, control over the Darkforce Dimension, intangiability, teleportation, astral copies, invisibility, shapeshifting, interdimensional teleportation, dimension warping, power granting, soul manipulation (can steal souls against the victim's will, unlike his father), immunity to toxins and disease

Weaknesses: The blood of innocents is lethal to hell lords, can be sealed or trapped by extremely powerful magic

Lifting Strength: Class 100+ (stronger than Mephisto)

Striking Strength: Exact level Unknown, possibly Class Z+ or something

Speed: Relativistic+

Durability: Universe+ level (can only be harmed by the most powerful magic and cosmic power such as the Phoenix Force, Ghost Rider's Hellfire, etc, immortality and regeneration make him ridiculously hard to kill)

Destructive Capacity: Planet+ level with telekinesis, Universe+ level with reality warping

Range: Universe+ level with energy manipulation

Stamina: Virtually limitless, keeps regenerating from adamantium, Mephisto's attacks, hellfire, etc)

FactPile Tier: High Herald

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

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