Boros color

The CharacterEdit

Name: Lord Boros

Origin: Taiyo Man/One Punch Man

Gender: Male

Height: 7'3 (2.25 cm)

Weight: 168 kg (370 lb)

Species: Unknown Alien

Affiliation: Dominator of the Universe, Dark Matter Thieves

Age: Over 40

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, agility and stamina, flight, skilled in combat abilities, high regeneration, can transform to increase his power, immense pain tolerance, can sence the power level of living beings.

Weaknesses: Overconfident, going all out on his power shorten's his life, think's he's the strongest being in the universe.

Lifting Strength: Class 100+/possibly Class M+ (Lifted a huge building sized part of his ship and launched towards Saitama)

Striking Strength: Class TJ+ in his released form (Able to melt concret pillars without even touching them, much stronger than anything so far) / Class NJ+ on his latest form (Able to melt and wreck almost all of his ship, something that the city buster missiles couldn´t do when Tatsumaki launch then back, plus Lord Boros send Saitama to the moon with one powerful kick in 3 seconds)

Speed: Immeasurable, presumably relativistic speeds to even FTL (Was moving so fast he was melting his own ship)

Durability: Multi Planetary to Star+ level (Used all his latent force+ and tanked his own star wiping attack, confirmed by opm secret notes compus that Boros is a Star buster)

Destructive Capacity: Planet buster in his restricted armor | Planet+ to Multi Planetary level in his released form | Star level in Meteoric Burst form (Stated by Opm secret notes compus that Boros can destroy a star)

Range: Extended melee range, hundreds of meters to kilometers with beam attacks and Universal with his alien ship.

Stamina: Godlike

Factpile Tier: High Metahuman to Low Herald

Equipment Edit

Special Armor that restricted his power (Btw, the armor wasn't made for protection pourposes)

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

Meteoric Burst: The power of the strike is so immense that it desintegrate anything on his fist way, plus extends to several kilometers.

Super Speed: Boros attacks at blinding speed.

Super Kick: A powerful kick that send Saitama to the moon in matter of seconds.

Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon: Boros can launch a massive beam of energy from his mouth. Boros states that he needs to concentrate and release the entirety of his latent energy to perform this technique. The beam is powerful enough to be able to destroy an Earthlike planet.

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