The phrase "bullet time" was coined by the Matrix Movies, to indicate the animation style when the action would be slowed down to the point where you could see bullets slowly flying characters as they dodged them. Basically on FactPile (like with several debating sites) being a bullet timer means you are fast enough to dodge/react to bullets. If a character is a bullet timer it means their reactions are at least above the speed of sound to even the high supersonic range, this being very important in matches (especially against faster opponents)

Bullet timing often requires a good amount of analysis to quantify. For Example: What kind of guns the bullets were fired from, the caliber of said bullets, the muxxle velocity of said bullets. A typical rule is that bullets fired from modern day guns are alot faster than bullets fired from flinlocks and that bullets fired from larger rifles are faster than bullets fired from pistols

Another important thing is if the character was dodging the bullet before or after it left the barrel

The same principals can be applied to analyse other projectiles/ranged attacks, but bullets are more often used since they can be compared to their real world variants. Lasers are another weapon that is usually used for this kind of analysis, but since there are so many pseudo-lasers in ficiton that don't share the same properties as lasers, something simply being called a laser doesn't give a character FTL movement by default, so yeah, bullet timing is easier to quantify in this sense

Examples of bullet timers:

Dante, Vergil and Nero from Devil May Cry

Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack and several other characters from Final Fantasy VII

Albert Wesker from Resident Evil

Various Space Marines and other fodder tier character on the same level from Warhammer 40K

Cole McGrath from Infamous

Various characters from the Matrix

Solid Snake and Raiden from Metal Gear

Bayonetta from Bayonetta

Many Street Fighter characters

Several superhuman level characters from Marvel such as Spiderman, Captain Amercia and Wolverine

Characters who are believed to be bullet timers but are aimdodgers or neither:

Master Chief from Halo

Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files

Richard Rahl from Sword of Truth

Vash the Stampede from Trigun

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