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League of Independent NationsEdit

Total Population*: 1,304,913,455~

  • Number only includes the listed total human population of the nations included on this page.

Total Military Population*: 39,950,000~

  • Number is an extreme estimate and is only based on the nations listed here (and only counts Humans)

Percentage of Population in Military*: 3.06495422%

  • This number is based off the above two which are highly suspect themselves

Percentage of World Population*: 21.4948201%~

  • This number is based off the combined populations of all three factions category pages.

Percentage of World Military Population*: 11.20287153%

  • This number is based off the combined military populations of all three factions.

League of Independent Nations CharterEdit

1. all LIN [1]Member Nations have a say and a vote in any and *all issues that may come up (including those that would remove said member nation out of the LIN or change its status within the LIN)

  • LIN member nations who commit hostile actions against another LIN member nation will have its membership revoked regardless of if a vote has been held or not.

2. Open trade (unless otherwise decided by majority vote) between LIN all member nations is to be encouraged.

3. An *attack on one LIN member nation is an attack on all LIN member nations, a LIN member nation is required to aid in another LIN member nations defence in the event of **war

  • If the attack on said member nation was the result of the member nation declaring war upon the assailent then LIN is still obligated to come to the member nations defence. However the cause to the war will be investigated in the meantime and if the Casus belli is found lacking LIN will withdraw its military support from said member nation for the duration of the war.

    • LIN will step in regardless of the Casus belli before total capitulation of any of its member states to preserve the Sovereignty of those member states

4. While the Sharing of *technological advance ments is not compulsory, it will be rewarded by majority vote (depending on the Technological Advancement shared)

  • That includes Stolen, Captured or Traded Technology from other nations.

5. Upon majority vote one member nation can recieve emergancy powers, the emergancy powers are as follows.

The Ability to Declare war on behalf of the Entire League of Independant Nations

The Ability to requisition 1/7th of any Member Nations Military force which will wear LIN colours and fight under the LIN Banner

The ability to negotate on behalf of the entire League of Independant Nations

6. Member States are obligated to assist another Member state through trying times (such as Rebellion, Economic Depression and/or natural Disaster/Terrorist attacks)

7. All Member Nations must send soldiers to attend *Joint Training sessions every 4 months and all Member Nations must adhere to the LIN Training Standard.

  • The Joint Training Sessions are open for Army,Marines,Navy and Airforce

    • All Member Nations must have their troops as effective as Firedonia's or better, failure to do so may result in your nation becoming a [2]Limited Member Nation.

8. Member Nations will be required in times of war to assist other Member Nations where they are weakest (for example Member Nation X has a strong navy and Member Nation Y has a Strong Army. Nation X will be required to ship and protect Nation Y's Forces occasionally)

9. Nations wishing to join The League of Independant Nations will become Limited Member Nations for a period of 6 Months afterwhich it will be decided via *Vote if they will be able to become Member Nations

  • if it is decided that the nation will not become a Member Nation then that nation will be put on another 6 month period. If the Nation fails the vote again then the Nation will be barred entry to the League of Independant Nations.

[1] A Member Nation is a Nation that is a Member of the League of Independant Nations

[2] Limited Member Nations while still protected and have to adhere to the Charter, are unable to Vote.

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