The CharacterEdit

Name: Cloud Strife

Origin: Final Fantasy VII

Gender: Male

Height: 5'6 (1.70 cm)

Weight: 62 kg (136 lb)

Species: Enhanced Human

Classification: Genetically Enhanced Human

Age: 24

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility and reactions, magic, master swordsmanship,

Weaknesses: Nothing worth noting

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+

Striking Strength: Class YJ+, likely Class NJ+ with Limit Breaks

Speed: Superhuman movement speed, Sub-Relativistic+ combat speed, likely low-end Relativistic combat speed with limit breaks (Blitzed Sephiroth)

Durability: Multi-Continent Level+ (Tanked the awakening of the remaining Weapons at the Northern Crater)

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Continent Level+, likely Moon Level+ with Limit Breaks

Range: Extended melee range with the Buster Sword, likely higher with magic

Stamina: Large, can fight for a long time without being exhausted. Took many wounds from Sephiroth and kept on fighting

FactPile Tier: Low Herald


Buster Sword

Fusion Sword

Fenrir (Motorcycle)

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

Braver: Single downward slash

Cross Slash: Single physical slash with 3 physical slashes that so 3.25 times more damage than normal. Can also split it into 2 blades, allowing for a cross slash

Blade Beam: Fires a blue energy beam from the Fusion Sword

Meteorrain: Six meteors fall and hit random targets

Omnislash: Can hit enemies 15 times under the effect of critical hits

Omnislash Version 5: Seperates his sword into six blades that surround his oppoent, where he then grabs each blade and slashes the enemy with them. Cloud also gives off an orange aura and moves fast enough to create afterimages as well as finish before the afterimages disappear. Also speeblitzed Sephiroth with this

Omnislash Version 6: Same as the Omnislash Version 5. Except Cloud glows blue and strikes faster and in a more unpredictable pattern

FP VictoriesEdit

Dante (Devil May Cry) (**fanboyscough**)

General Grievous (Star Wars) - General Grievous Profile

Illidan and Arthas (Warcraft) - Illidan ProfileArthas Profile (was allied with Sephiroth, although Cloud could solo anyways)

Kratos(God of War) - Kratos Profile(was allied with Link, although Cloud could pretty much solo)

Master Chief (Halo) - Master Chief Profile

Nightmare (Soul Caliber) - Nightmare Profile

Richard Rahl (Sword of Truth) - Richard Rahl Profile

Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII) - Squall Leonhart Profile

FP DefeatsEdit


Inconclusive MatchesEdit


Respect Thread(s)Edit

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