Confederacy of Independent Systems

Name: Confederacy of Independent Systems, CIS

Origin: Star Wars

Classification: Interstellar Human Confederacy

Age: Main Confederacy existed for 5 years before absorbtion by the Galactic Empire last remnants of the Confederacy lasted a total of 13 years and unorganized branches existed up until 3 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Population: Billions

K-Level: Somewhere between 2 and 3, closer to 3 though

Technologies/Abilities: Commonplace Sentient AI, ability to make full body cyborgs such as General Grievous. Mass produced billions upon billions of Artificial Intelligence combat droids (some of higher artificial Intelligence levels for more tactical ability). Created several superweapons and bioweapons throughout the war and also designed the Death Star. Created a massive ship disabling Ion Cannon/emp. FTL Space Travel, planet wiping orbital bombardment, weapons that can wipe out all organic material within a city sized radius while not harming battle droids in the vicinity. 

Weaknesses: As a puppet government of Darth Sidious and with Dooku and Grievous dead had little government stability to survive and was quickly absorbed by the Empire

Industrial Capacity: Able to produce large numbers of warships and a seemingly endless supply of battle droids with it's foundry planets such as Geonosis, Mustafar and others

Holdings/Territory: at least ten thousand star systems at peak

Notable Individuals:

Darth Sidious

Count Dooku

Asajj Ventress

General Grievous


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