Name: Covenant Empire

Origin: Halo

Classification: Alien Empire

Age: Unknown

Population: In the high billions

K-Level: 2

Technologies/Abilities: FTL space travel and communications, citybusting starship weapons, can glass planets from orbit, energy shields, plasma weaponry and technology, genetic engineering

Weaknesses: Generally have a terrible polotical structure

Industrial Capacity: [need specifics]

Holdings/Territory: Several hundred planets

Notable Individuals:


Prophet of Mercy

Prophet of Regret

Prophet of Truth

FP Victories:

Chitauri (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

EDF and UNSC (Duke Nukem and Halo) - UNSC Profile (were allied with the Duke Nukem Aliens)

Locust (Gears of War) (The Covenant can solo the verse)

XCOM-verse (Enemy Unknown)

FP Defeats:

Chimera (Resistance)

Combine (Half Life)

New Republic (Star Wars) - New Republic Profile

Goa'uld (Stargate)

Protoss (StarCraft)

Space Pirates (Metroid) - Space Pirates Profile

Tau Empire (Warhammer 40K) - Tau Empire Profile

United Federation of Planets (Star Trek) - United Federation of Planets Profile

Zerg (StarCraft) - Zerg Profile

Inconclusive Matches:


Respect Thread(s):

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