Name: Scott Summers
Age: Gender: Male
Origin: Marvel Comics Aliases:
Birthplace: Alternate Form: (link to alternate Character Profile if any)

Factpile StatsEdit

FactPile Avatar:

FactPile Battle Record
Duel Matches
None So Far
Group Matches
CTF: Wolverine, Cable, Boba Fett & Iron Man vs Samus, Cyclops, General Grievous & Deadpool
Universe Matches
None So Far
FactPile Award None So Far
Hall of Shame
None So Far
None So Far

Character Tier: (number and link to Tier Page - Example 5:C)
Strength: (number)
Speed: (number)
Agility: (number)
Durability: (number)
Intelligence: (number)
Energy Output: (number)
Special: (number)
Standard Equipment: (text)





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