Dante's Inferno

A shameless God of War ripoff

Background Information:

(will be added at a later time)

Standing in the FactPile-verse:

In terms of physical abilities the verse is fairly low tier, with the best feats ranging in the low superhuman range for strength, speed and durability with Dante being able to best large demons physically (in a similar fashion to Kratos) and is fairly low in destructive capacity, the verse not even appraoching building+ level DC

Being set in a medieval real world setting, the verse's only real redeeming factor is its large amount of fodder and a few broken abilities such as gravity manipulation, soul manipulation, evils bane weaponry, poison manipulation, etc

Overall the verse is weak, ranking below even Fairy Tail and below the Power 6 by a huge margain, with several people from there who can solo it

Character Profiles:

Dante Alighieri



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