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The CharacterEdit

Name: Dark Schneider

Origin: Bastard!!

Gender: Male

Classification: Devil

Age: 400 years old

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, stamina and endurance, regeneration (low-godly, can regenerate unless he is completely destroyed on all 3 planes of existence simulateneously), elemental manipulation (fire in the several million degree celcius range, wind, lightning, darkness), summoning, skilled swordsman, forcefield creation that can protect certain parts of his body, Dispel Bound (several thousand magical forcefields that can nullfiy both magical and physical attacks including but by no means limited to immortality, reality warping, creation, magic and instant victory among others. Oh and in order to destroy them you have to destroy them one at a time, since a single shield will take the entirety of the impact, oh and they have instantaneous regeneration so you have to one shot them), telepathy, telekinesis, flight, immortality (Type 3), resistance to poisons and disease, can travel along the astral plane to infiltrate the minds and dreams of others, illusion creation, can channel his power through "gods" to cast several spells (similar to Dr Strange), a Bow and Arrow that fires magical energy blasts that force people to obey him or turn into a toad, can create vacuums, can induce nuclear fission, can create pseudo black holes, can ressurect the dead, teleportation of himself and others, sleep spells, emits corrsoive acid from his hands, can see through illusions, can fight while blind, demon sealing powers, fire absorbtion, magic absorbtion and reflection, heightened senses, matter and energy manipulation, can recreate beings from memory, can reflect opponents attacks with equal damage and intensity, absolute zero spells

Weaknesses: Using Judas Priest can take a toll on his body and soul, the kiss of a virgin

Lifting Strength: Class 100+

Striking Strength: Class Z+ (Punching Kronon splited the ground they were fighting on apart)

Speed: Several thousand times FTL | Relativistic in his Dragon Knight Lucifer form | Likely Massively FTL+

Durability: Mountain+ level (Pre time skip), Star System level (Post time skip, tanked Michael's supernova) | Multi Star System+ level as Majin Dark Schneider | Galaxy+ level as Dragon Knight Lucifer | Unknown, prolly far higher (Regeneration and Dispel Bound makes him ridiculously hard to defeat)

Destructive Capacity: Mountain+ level, planet+ level with Black Sabbath | Star System+ level as Majin Dark Schneider | Galaxy+ level as Dragon Knight Lucifer (Shattered the Black Abyss which is a supermassive Black Hole and the entrance into Hell, composed of 5 million solar masses as a side effect of his attack) | Probably alot higher as Adam of Darkness

Range: Galaxy+ level

Stamina: Very large since he can casually fight while using Dragon Knight Lucifer and Judas Pain (The latter taking a huge toll on his body)

Factpile Tier: Mid Skyfather

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

Megadeth: A powerful magic explosion that can cause earthquakes and thunderstorms  Venom: Summons a destructive enzyme from the gates of Hell that breaks down all the organic matter within it's target turning it into mush from the inside out and during it the victim can burst into flames

Guns N' Roses: unleashes a wall of flame

Balvolt: Sends a powerful lightning bolt

Anselm: fires lightning rockets that target the most vulnerable parts of the body

Exodus: Dark Schneider engulfs himself in flames that exceed 2,000 degrees it's so hot it evaporates boulders

Sodom: Cuts enemies with invisible blades 

Voivod: Spell that surrounds the user in an orb of electricity before exploding 

Illusion: Can cast an illusion onto the opponent 

Damned: Magic bomb that can knock down castle walls or shred flesh 

Impellitteri: A magic Fire ball

Rainbow: Magic arrows fired from the caster 

Riot: Fires high level electric strike 

Blue Nail curse of the Accused: If you try to betray or cut off the finger the nail appears on it will turn purple and finally crimson turning their body into dust or into a toad this spell is used to make sure a certain person you use it on stays loyal 

Raven: A spell that allows him to fly

Helloween: A magical blast that can reach 10 mega volts and can fry millions of men in a few seconds

Vengeance: A spell that can burst a hole through a body

Black Sabbath: A spell that creates a matter less room within a magical barrier. Then random matter is transferred into a vacuum. The atoms of the transferred matter start to collide the neutrons split and incredible heat of 10,000 Degrees Celsius is created bringing forth nuclear fission. Then temperature rises to 1,000,000 degrees Celsius 

Led Zeppelin: Starving souls from hell are summoned in a massive black ball to consume the victim

Napalm Death: multiple massive explosions 

Van War: Fires a volley of light magic missiles 

Darsh Gun: Large stone pillars come out of the ground to impale the target

Manowar: Can summon the dead dragon King Manowar to fight for him (three headed golden dragon) 

Resurrection: can revive dead people back to life   

Dark Angel: powerful explosive spell 

Chrome Rose: Fires a blast of lightning 

Flaming Tiger Rush Bers Pantang: Summons a tiger that's on fire

Acid Drinker: Summons acid to eat and melt flesh instantly 

Sepulchre: Beam of fire magic 

Instant teleportation 

The Law of Marshall: Super lava fire blast

Blind Guardian: A magic circle appears which a cage of thorns come out

Testament: The air of absolute zero stops anything in its tracks to a subatomic level atomic integrity crumbled and all living matter turns to ash

Tesla: Extremely powerful lightning bolt

Judas Priest: The target is surrounded by multi dimensional magic circles anything in the circle will be damaged then finishes with a beam from above obliterating everything in a black sphere this also destroys their eternal atoms

Vertex: A demon sealing blast

Arcara: Freezes time and space and can transform it into things (he made a house to stand on and clothes for when he was nude)

Crowbar: A 13 layer demon God sealing spell that sucks out the power of a demon and exorcise it and unmakes the soul 

Damned Nation: Fires a magic blast that distorts time and space

Light Rolu: Fires bullets of light

Iron Lightning Anthem: Fires magic arrows of energy that will always hit their target unless the foe has a shield up

Arch Enemy: Engulfs his fist in fire

Judas Pain: When activated his power is increased several million times more power then normal and he has the powers of 6 demon kings behind him it even has power equal to a black hole and enough power to destroy a galaxy but it's a double edged sword it hurts the users as well spiritual, emotional and physical pain beyond measure if a mere human was to try and use it they would turn into pillars of salt if you use it too much it can also stop regeneration and if used too much it can consume the body and soul of the user until nothing's left

Eternal Atoms: Dark Schneider is made of Eternal Atoms they exist on three plains of existence physical, spiritual and soul if all three aren't destroyed at the same time he can regenerate but if his eternal atoms are destroyed he will permanently die 

MAJIN DARK SCHNEIDER: He turns into a demon of unimaginable power, this power is stacked with Judas Pain that makes his power several million times more powerful then normal and the power of 6 demon kings, can absorb matter around him healing him and creating new body or body parts, can reflect or absorb just about any spell, can gather high amounts of Hellish giving him infinite amount of energy

Dark Kain: Fires a beam of dark matter

Dispel Bound: Multiple magical force fields that protect him the only way to truly hurt him and get to his eternal atoms is to break each and every magic barrier and they can regenerate and change at massively faster then light speeds they consist of Anti Creation, Sonic Waves, Radar Disruption, Dive, Treasure Detect, Instant Victory, Power, Punch Block, Blessing Block, Trap Detector, Penicillin, Energy Block, Magic Existance, Counter, Regeneration, Mind Defence, Anti Assimilator, Anti Magic, Reality Warping, Danger Detection, Anti Paralyse, Anti Gas, Inertia Control, Herbicide, Antidote, Lie Detector, Anti Immortality, Error Detect, Control, Camouflage and Insecticide

DRAGON KNIGHT LUCIFER: A mech suit that bonds with the user its summoned through Judas Pain it can be summoned in any dimension and vastly more powerful then Majin Dark Schneider he can still use most of his standard spells

Demolitioner Gun: Two large cannons which emit a powerful blast that can cancel out Augoeides Uriel's Gungnir 

Giran Ira: A micro black hole can be used to counter attacks, dimensional leaps and space distorting but it will cause an entire country to vanish

Loudness All Guns Blazing: A powerful attack using all magic elements this is powerful enough to shatter Uriel's Augoeides, Dispel Bound and severely wound him

Hell Rider, Light Wings and Jawbreaker: Spell that allows Dragon Knight Lucifer to fly

Super Demonic Dimensional Separation:

Bloodstone: Creates a crushed space where all the damage that had been inflicted upon the user will be returned to his opponent with equal and proportional intensity

ADAM OF DARKNESS: New transformation currently has no feats but giving the nature of the series should be several time faster and more powerful then Dragon Knight Lucifer 

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Inconclusive MatchesEdit

Thor (Was in his Rune King Thor encarnation)

Respect Thread(s)Edit

Dark Schneider Respect Thread (needs a fuckton of editing)

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