W DarkStalkers B

Most of the cast, 'cept Pyron

Background Information:

Darkstalkers is a series of 2D fighting games by Capcom. There have also being numerous spinoffs such as OVA's, mangas, a cartoon series and a comic series, although not sure if their canon or not and numerous characters of theirs have appeared in crossovers such as Marvel vs Capcom and Cross Edge

The games also inspired Street Fighter and introduced many concepts of the fighting games genre

The plot is surprisingly deep, especially with Jedah who has a deep personality and stroyline, although there are technically no "main characters" in the series if you will

(will work on later)

Standing in the FactPile-verse:

The verse is extremely powerful, with many broken powers such as soul manipulation, dimensional manipulation, black holes, dimension creation and a guy who can devour stars and planets. In terms of physical abilities they are also very powerful, with Mortal Pyron and Demitri (being A Class Darkstalkers) capable of trading punches that are akin to nukes in power, flying around the earth in 2 seconds and tanking attacks similar in magnitude to their punches

Destructive Capacity is very up there, with Pyron being capable of destroying planets and stars with ease at his weakest and Jedah being capable of dimension busting (said dimension being about multi-planet+ level) with a gesture as well as absorbing all their souls

The verse stands massively above DragonBall with Jedah and Pyron being easily more than capable of soloing the whole verse without effort, however the massive downside is that most characters besides Jedah and Pyron are lacking in feats beyond powerscaling (you can powerscale A Class Darkstalkers off Mortal Pyron due to vs Demitri)

The verse is also one of Capcom's strongest verses yet, surpassed only by the likes of Okami

Character Profiles:


BB Hood

Belial Aensland

Demitri Maximoff



Jedah Dohma


Lord Raptor

Morrigan Aensland


Hall of Fame Matches:


Hall of Shame Matches:


Supporters of the Series:




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