Dino Megazord

summon Power Sword.

Name: Megazord, later Dino Megazord.

Pilots: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Height: Megazord Battle mode: 41 meters

Megazord Tank mode: 24m

Mastadon Zord height: 15m

Pterodactyl Zord height: unknown

Triceratops Zord height: 11m

Sabertooth Zord height: 13.3m

Tyrannosaurus Zord height: 27m

Weight:  Megazord Battle mode: 570 tons

Megazord Tank Mode: 570 tons

Mastadon Zord weight: 108 tons

Pterodactyl Zord weight: 84 tons 

Triceratops Zord weight: 141 tons

Sabertooth Zord weight: 141 tons

Tyrannosaurus Zord weight: 96 tons

Powered By: Power Coins/Crystals/Morphin Grid. Power Sword offers backup power supply in event of emergency

Destructive Capacity: Large Building+

Durability: Large Building+

Material: Some sort of alien metal.

Performance: Megazord Battle mode: unknown max speed

Megazord Tank mode: 300 km/h

Mastadon Zord: 120 km/h

Pterodactyl Zord: mach 2.5

Triceratops Zord: 140 km/h

Sabertooth Zord: 150 km/h

Tyrannosaurus Zord: 120 km/h

Terrain: land

Needed Pre-requisites for use: Morphers and Power coins.

Weaponry: Power Sword, Mastadon Shield, cranial lasers

Notable Features: One of few Megazords with two combined forms (Battle Mode and Tank Mode, alt formations with bonus Zords not counted in this). Was later used as foundation for the Thunder Megazord. Can Combine with the Dragonzord to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode (when only Mastadon Triceratops and Sabertooth merge with it) and the Mega Dragonzord when the Megazord and Dragonzord merge. Can also merge with Titanus and the Dragonzord to form the Ultrazord.

Notable attacks/techniques: Energy Blasts, Upward Power Sword slash sending a energy wave that causes the target to explode destructively.

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Voltron (Voltron/Voltron Force)-Voltron Profile

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