eat your heart out Mechagodzilla

Name: Dragonzord

Pilot: Tommy Oliver/Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Height: 38m

Weight: 170 tons

Powered By: Green Dragon Power Coin/Dragon Dagger Flute/Morphin Grid

Destructive Capacity: Large Building Level+

Durability: Large Building Level+

Material: unknown alien metals

Performance: 140 km/h

Terrain: Land and Sea

Needed Pre-requisites for use: Green Dragon Ranger powers, power coin, and the Dragon Dagger Flute.

Weaponry: Drill Tail, Missiles

Notable Features: Controlled primarily by the Dragon Dagger Flute but can be controlled from the cockpit. Is capable of undetwater combat. Can combine with the Dino Megazord and Titanus.

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