Welcome to the Factpile Wiki

Factpile (FP) is a place where pilers (fans and members of the sites) can find information and stats on various characters, weapons, factions, universes, etc that appear or may appear on the Factpile website one of these days, as well as information on your fellow pilers, old and current stuff, major events that happen on both the mainland and Factpiletopia, and the wiki. Also a place to know about FactPile Culture and various terms.

So Join, Edit, and Enjoy!


Character Profiles

Character Attributes

Universe Profiles

Civilization Profiles

Vehicle Profiles

Mecha Profiles

Weapon Profiles

Concerning The Wiki

Rules of the Wiki

Common Editing Errors

Editing Etiquette (To be added)

To Do List

Concerning Factpile

Guide to Surviving FP

Major FactPile Events

FactPile Time Line

Piler Profiles

To Be Determined

Character Tiers

FactPile "Factions"

FactPile Culture

Debating Dictionary

Templates Page 

Latest Activity

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