Republic Emblem

Name: Galactic Republic, Old Republic

Origin: Star Wars

Classification: Interstellar Federal Republic

Age: 25053 years from founding to becoming the Galactic Empire

Population: In the quadrillions

K-Level: Class 3 or close to it

Technologies/Abilities: Commonplace Sentient AI, FTL space travel (can cross the galaxy in hours so, at least 50,000,000c), planetary shields that can resist orbital bombardment for months, weapons that can life wipe entire planets, instantaneous FTL communications, employs many Jedi, at one point having an entire army, who can use telepathy and precognition on a galactic scale, can build planet busting and starbusting weapons, effective cloning and genetic enginerring technology, limited cloaking and invisibility technology, weapons designed to disable and incapacitate electronic devices

Weaknesses: Became socially unstable in it's later years before the Rise of the Empire

Industrial Capacity: Similar level of industry to theGalactic Empire

Holdings/Territory: Over 12 million solar systems and an even greater number of colonies

Notable Individuals: 

Darth Sidious


Mace Windu


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FP Defeats:

Inconclusive Matches:

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