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Background Information:

God of War is an action gaming series created by Sony. It tells the story of Kratos, a Greek Demigod formerly in the servitude of the Greek Gods.

In Chains of Olympus (a prequel to God of War 1), Kratos and his Spartan Army defend Greece from a Persian Army, afterwards Helios being kidnapped by Atlas who was released by Persephone in a plot to use Helios' power to destroy the pillar of the world to send the world crumbling into Tartarus, destroying Olympus in the process, which Kratos then decides to stop them.

In the first game, Kratos is seeking revenge against Ares, the God of War for tricking him into killing his own family, empowered by the Olympians with several different powers throught the game.

After killing Ares Kratos takes his place as the God of War.

In the second game the Olympians betray Kratos and Zeus strips him of his god powers and kills him. The Titans ressurect Kratos and help him overthrow the Fates. After that Kratos then goes back to when Zeus kills him and fights Zeus, only for Athena to intervene. After then it is revealed to Kratos by Athena that he is the son of Zeus and that Zeus killed him in fear that Kratos would overthrow him. Kratos then retuens to the present to go to the past to bring back the Titans from the past. Throught the game Kratos is granted several powers by the Titans rather than the Gods.

In the third game, which picks off where God of War 2 left off, Kratos and the Titans wage war on Olympus. However being knocked off Mt Olympus with Gaia by Zeus, Kratos is betrayed by the Titans and left to fall to his death (after it was revealed he was being used by the Titans to gain an advantage over Olympus). Afterwards Kratos then climbs Mt Olympus, seeking revenge on Zeus, killing God and Titan alike who stood in his way, while unleashing planet killing plagues across the world in doing so. Throught the game, Kratos gains powers from those he killed.

Also has a rivalry with Devil May Cry over hack and slash superiority /random

Standing in the FactPile-verse:

Power wise, the verse is fairly up therr in terms of destructive capacity (with various characters such as Kratos, Zeus and others posessing island to country+ level destructive capacity). To further boot, the verse possesses some of the strongest beings outside of comics and anime (as well as some of the strongest video gaming characters), with Kratos being capable of wrestling massive Titans and Hercules, as well as Zeus and Ares being capable of wrestling Kratos. Durability for beings such as Kratos ranges in the country to planetary+ range, with Kratos being able to tank being thrown through several stone walls and blasted from volcanoes (albiet not actually tanking the whole thing) without any form of injury. The verse also possesses a few broken powers such as time and fate manipulation (although these require a certain battlefield to use).

Although as far as speed feats go, the verse is powerfull, most characters ranging in the high metahuman-low herlad range, with Poseidon's Leviathans being in the hypersonic range and the Titans should be supersonic at least by sheer virtue of size and several characters having reactions in the massively hypersonic+ to revalictic+ range due to Kratos lightning timing, as has been comfirmed by the devs.

Composite Kratos would also be a fairly formidable and broken opponent (actualy not too broken).

Overall the verse still stands about high tier Power 6 levels overall.

========= WORK IN PROGESS====Edit

Character Profiles:



Castor and Pollux












Weapon Profiles:

Arms of Sparta

Blade of Artemis

Blades of Chaos/Athena/Exile

Blade of Olympus

Bow of Apollo


Golden Fleece

Hermes Boots

Nemean Cestus

Nemesis Whip

Poseidon's Trident

Sun Shield

Typhon's Bane

Hall of Fame Matches:

Xena vs Kratos

Avatar Aang vs Kratos

Hall of Shame Matches:

Link vs Kratos (1)

Dante vs Kratos

Kratos vs Harry Dresden

Supporters of the Series:









(1) Contested FP Award since many arguments in Link's favor were shot down and no specific incarnation was used at the time

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