Great Sacred Treasure

Name: Great Sacred Treasure

Pilot: Dyntos, Pit

Origin: Kid Icarus

Height: Unspecified

Weight: Unspecified

Powered by: Divine Energy

Destructive Capacity: Building+ level with standard attacks, possibly multi-city block+ level with Final Strike (destroyed Hades' physical form)

Durability: Large Building+ level

Material: Orichalcum

Performance: High Hypersonic+

Terrain: Air

Needed Pre-Requisite for use: 3 Sacred Treasures

Weaponry: Can fire various attacks such as lasers, flaming shots, electricity, water, whirlinds, large fireballs or ball lightning, shots that hover and pull enemies towards them and a charged laser beam attack | A gatling gun that fires lasers and bullets (Pursuit Mode) | Beam Sword (Mech Armor Mode)

Notable Features: Is capable of sudden stopping and moving around due to it's wasp like agility, is an extension of the users body in Mech Armor Mode

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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