Green Lantern Ring

Beware my power Green Lanterns Light

Name: Green Lantern Ring, Green Lantern Power Ring

Origin: Created by the Guardians of the Universe

Type: Power Ring

Powers and Abilities: The ring powered by the green energy of willpower and the will of the user can create hard light constructs limited only by the users imagination (though a persons willpower can excede what the ring can do if you try to recreate a planet) and the most stable of the Emotional energy spectrum as it is the center. Other powers granted by the ring include supersonic-ftl flight, energy projection, translation of languages, phasing, environmental playback, invisibility, light refraction, energy absorbtion, superhuman strength to lift 100+tons with constructs, wormhole and warp creation, time travel, limited cellular regeneration, contains a repository of galactic knowledge, creation of an energy twin of the user, able to make a duplicate ring, homing and emergency beacons, mind alteration, telepathic link, contains a pocket universe (in each ring) and can have various preset actions and security protocols for various purposes. However the ring is not without weaknesses, it can not harm things with yellow if the user has not accepted fear(thus overcoming it or something) various vibrational frequencies can render the ring incapable of making anything larger than miniature constructs, the ring must be recharged to avoid running out of power, and Red Lantern Rings can dissolve Green Lantern energy.

Destructive Capacity: planet-star busting (depending on the willpower of the wielder)

Weilders: All Green Lanterns

Material/Element: Unknown material, uses the Green energy of the Emotional Energy Spectrum.

Needed Prerequisites for use: Generally being chosen, has been circumvented in various ways before.

Notable Attacks/techniques: depends on user.

Alternate Forms: Oan Power Ring: used by Guardians of the Universe uses power in the user not a battery and has no weakness to yellow.

Honor Guard Power Ring: No difference aside from style, modeled after Kyle Rayner's ring when he was the only Green Lantern.

Similar Weapons: Red, Blue, Violet, Orange, Yellow, and Indigo Lantern Rings.

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