Guardians of the Galaxy

and evil thought it would be safe in space

Name: Guardians of the Galaxy

Origin: Marvel

Current Members: Starlord(leader), Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon

Former Members: Bug, Jack Flag, Major Victory, Mantis, Martyr, Moondragon, Adam Warlock

Age: unknown

FactPile Tier: ranges from Street to High Metahuman (though Groot's strength is like the Hulks virtually limitless and limited only by the amount of wood he can absorb and Drax at his peak could rival Thanos in strength)

Base of Operations: Knowwhere

Teamwork: 9-10 over the years of fighting Thanos and his machinations, and multiple universe-galaxy threatining forces the Guardians have a strong bond, though Iron Man having minimal experience with the team but being used to teamwork and having worked with them before only slightly drops their score.

Weaknesses: Drax can only gain access to his former peak strength when around Thanos, most members are street level but have massive firepower to make up for it but can still be destroyed by more powerful beings if not careful.

Destructive Capacity: Street to Large Building depending on the member in question, potentially greater working together.

Range: the team members cover all ranges, from close to long

Equipment: Team: cross universe teleport bracelets

Starlord: His armor, ship and twin Kree submachineguns with various ammo effects

Drax: knives of special make

Gamora: godslayer blade

Groot: no weapons

Iron Man: as a member of the Guardians uses his Space Armor MK III suit and a mobile armory to alter the weaponry in battle/out of battle

Rocket Raccoon: various laser guns, heavy weapons, pretty much anything that makes things go boom.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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