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Probably not a good idea to imply that he is overcompensating.

The CharacterEdit

Name: Guts

Origin: Beserk

Gender: Male

Classification: Human Swordsman, Demon Hunter

Age: At least 22

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, agility and stamina, master swordsmanship, adept archer, immune/resistant to the fae controlling powers of the Idea of Evil, can interact with the Astral Plane

Weaknesses: Human Weaknesses, overuse of the Beserker armor can drive him insane or even kill him

Lifting Strength: Class 5+

Striking Strength: Class 10+

Speed: Faster than the eye can see

Durability: Building+ level

Destructive Capacity: Building+ level

Range: Extended melee range, at least a dozen meters with projectiles

Stamina: Superhuman

FactPile Tier: Low Superhuman


Chain Mail armor, prosthetic arm, the Dragon Slayer (his sword), Beserker Armor

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

FP VictoriesEdit

TP Link (Legend of Zelda)

FP DefeatsEdit

Bloodthirster (Warhammer Fantasy) - Bloodthirster Profile

Inconclusive MatchesEdit


Respect Thread(s)Edit

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