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The CharacterEdit

Name: Johnathan Lowell Spencer Storm

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Male

Classification: Human Mutate

Age: Likely in his 30's

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman speed, flight, pyrokinesis, thermal energy generation and manipulation, can absorb heat and fire, immunity to heat and fire based attacks, can create flame constructs, can detect heat signatures, can adjust his plasma form to range from not damaging humans to vaporising anything around him

Weaknesses: Needs oxygen to maintain his flames, has a limited amount of time in his plasma form

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Peak Human

Speed: Peak Human, supersonic+ in plasma form

Durability: Peak Human+, likely higher against heat-based attacks

Destructive Capacity: At least city block+ level with standard attacks, potentially life wiping with Nova Blasts (capable of preoducing flames up to 1,000,000 F)

Range: Potentially planetary

Stamina: Superhuman, can only remain in plasma form for 16.8 hours

FactPile Tier: Low Herald


Cosmic Control Rod

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

FP VictoriesEdit


FP DefeatsEdit

Darth Nihilus (Star Wars) - Darth Nihilus Profile (was allied with the other members of the FF)

Dinobots (Transformers G1) (was allied with the other members of the FF)

Ghost Rider (Marvel) - Ghost Rider Profile

Inconclusive MatchesEdit


Respect Thread(s)Edit

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