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Background Information:

A fantasy novel series by Christopher Paolini. It has a lame and totally unoriginal and childish plot that's basically Star Wars and Lord of the Rings mashed together and made many times moar terrible. There are currently 4 novels in the series

The story focuses on a farmboy teenager named Eragon (Luke Skywalker). Long ago Dragon Riders (Jedi Knights) kept peace in the world (Galactic Republic). Then Galbatorix (Emperor Palpatine) revolted and became King (Emperor) and ruled the world (Galactic Empire). Eragon discovers an egg (R2-D2) an it hatches (Death Star plans) becoming a Dragon Rider (Jedi) and can use magic (The Force). One of the Last Riders who lost his dragon many years ago (last Tuesday) named Brom (Obi-Wan Kenobi) goes with him to teach him swordsmanship and how to use magic. He dies in the first book by being killed by Durza (Darth Vader) in an attempt to save Arya (Princess Leia) from Durza. Eragon and a friend Murtagh (Han Solo) go to join the Varden (Rebel Alliance) as they are coming attack by Durza and his forces (501st Legion). In the battle Arya provides a last minute distraction (Han shooting TIE's) to allow Eragon to use magic (use the force Luke!) to kill Durza by stabbing him in the heart (shooting proton torpedoes into the Death Star's Exhaust Port)

That's the first book, known as Star Wars Episode IV in Middle Earth. The movie adaption was way worse (like, DragonBall Evolution/The last Airbender bad)

Inheritance is one of the most despised and bashed fictions in the FactPile-verse

Standing in the FactPile-verse:

As a verse, in regards to physical ability they are fairly lame with the best feats being in the low superhuman range for all categories. Destructive Capacity sucks with most feats being wall+ level, the best you can get is building busting from Eragon being stated to be able to destroy a castle (lol @ him being able to tank nukes at point blank with his wards)

Although in terms of broken abilities they are decently powerful, possessing powers such as mind rape and causing strokes and instant death. Magic is limited to a user's stamina though, which is why they suck against physically powerful beings

The verse stands below Fairy Tail by a great deal, although above Twilight, then again what doesn't? Oh yeah, I forgot

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Hall of Shame Matches:

Durza vs Witch King

Richard Rahl vs Eragon

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