Godkiller armor

MK III Space Armor aka Godkiller armor the latest in a long line of Iron Man armors.

Name: Iron Man Armors (collectively) various names depending on model.

Origin: Original was made in a cave with a box of scraps by Tony Stark to escape being kidnapped and held hostage, later models were made by Stark in various Stark owned facilities. 

Type: Power Armor, Subdermal Power Armor, Liquid Metal Power Armor, or Modular Power Armor depending on which armor.

Powers and Abilities: Has varied over the years early armors could lift only 90 tons casually and struggled with 100 tons though once ko'd Hulk when the limiters were off. More modern armors are able to easily lift 100 tons and survive blows from Thor level entities.  All Armors function as life support systems in emergencies and are powered by the Repulsor Tech Node (aka R.T. Node aka Arc Reactor) in Tony's chest. The amount of power from said Node has increased over the years going from needing periodic recharges and burning out from putting out the power required to ko Hulk to the most recent Node described by Stark and Reed Richards as a man made star, however this one was recently replaced when Tony upgraded to the godkiller armor with a more powerful and efficient model. Alongside the large power provided by the Node it also acts as a weapon capable of firing the Unibeam, a focused repulsor blast with far more power than the standard hand repulsor blasts (only 10% of a standard repulsor blast is capable of blowing a hole through human) depending on the armor there is also a variety of missiles, guns, and in some cases the ability to shapeshift any weapon the wearer imagines. The current MKIII space armor, aka the Godkiller, has the firepower to take on fleets of ships reaching the size of Imperial Star Destroyers. The armor also allows flight reaching and exceeding Mach 8. Other armors also show stealth features such as total cloaking, ability to project a holographic disquise of anyone who's image has been captured, firepower enough to put down the Hulk (a more modern armor was stated to have as much firepower by Stark)

Weilders: Tony Stark, James Rhodes, Pepper Potts

Materials: Varies from armor to armor, though iron/steel seems to have been left far behind.

Needed prerequisites for use: The armor being synched to your brainwaves (otherwise use could potentially lead to insanity or worse)

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Depends on the weapons loadout of the particular model

Alternate Forms: As with any Marvel weapon all alternate versions have it and the 616 Iron Man alone has used/made hundreds of alternate versions.

Similar Weapons: various knockoffs have existed, such as the Iron Monger and Iron Patriot, however the similarities end at appearance with the quality being horrendously lower (the MK 0 was able to hold it's own against Iron Patriot in comics)

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