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Character Edit

Name: Wilson Grant Fisk

Alias(es): Kingpin

Origin: Marvel Comics


Species: Human

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 450 lbs

FactPile Tier: High Street Level

Powers and Abilities Edit

Peak human physical characteristics, what appears to be fat on him is actually all muscle, giving him an enormous damage soak, many of his physical feats are near superhuman. Master of many forms of martial arts, very intelligent and masterminds a large criminal empire.

Weaknesses: Most normal human weaknesses.

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (Can pick up heavy machinery, rip apart furniture, smash through walls, etc)

Striking Strength: Wall Level (leave imprints in concrete walls after punching them)

Speed: Unknown

Durability: Wall Level (takes hits from Spider Man and Daredevil)

Destructive Capacity: Wall Level (has fought the likes of Red Skull, Daredevil, Captain America, Punisher, and Spider Man)

Range: Standard melee range. Up to hundreds of meters with guns and other weapons.

Stamina: Peak Human

Equipment Edit

His Obliterator Cane, which contains a laser weapon powerful enough to vaporize a handgun, a pin that contains sleeping gas, and often uses various firearms.

Notable Attacks/Techniques Edit

  • Bear Hug: He grabs his opponent and crushes them to death.

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