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The CharacterEdit

Name: Kira Yamato

Origin: Gundam SEED

Gender: Male

Classification: Human

Age: 18

Powers and Abilities Edit

Peak human stats, skilled plot, plot armor (turned off for vs matches anyways) | Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, exchangeable packs (Aile, Launcher or Sword), beam weapons, flight, sensory systems as Strike Gundam | Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, stamina, multi-targeting system, beam weapons as as Freedom Gundam | Same but more powerful with beam shields, remote controlled weapons and Wings of Light as Strike Freedom Gundam

Weaknesses: He's a pacifist and prefers to disarm his opponents rather than kill them (although the latter would be removed for vs matches anyways)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Class 70+ as Strike Gundam | Class 100+ as Freedom Gundam and Strike Freedom Gundam

Striking Strength: Peak Human | Class K+ in all suits

Speed: Peak Human movement, superhuman reaction time | 100 km/h to supersonic+ flight as Strike Gundam | Hypersonic+ as Freedom Gundam and Strike Freedom Gundam

Durability: Superhuman (also survived a nuclear explosion, although this was most likely just PIS and a ridiculous outlier) | Building+ level, Large Building+ level with shields in all suits

Destructive Capacity: Street+ level | Large Building+ level as Strike Gundam | City Block+ level as Freedom Gundam and Strike Freedom Gundam

Range: Human melee range | A few kilometers as Strike Gundam | Several kilometers as Freedom Gundam and Strike Freedom Gundam

Stamina: Peak Human | Limited operation time as Strike Gundam | Huge as Freedom Gundam and Strik Freedom Gundam

FactPile Tier: Mid Superhuman to Low Metahuman


Pilot suit | GAT-X105 Strike Gundam | ZGMF-10A Freedom Gundam | ZGMF-20S Strike Freedom Gundam

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

FP VictoriesEdit


FP DefeatsEdit

Fulgrim (Warhammer 40K) - Fulgrim Profile

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