The closest things to heroes LoK has

Background Information:

-taken from the OBD wiki-

Legacy of Kain is a series of five games which include Blood Omen 1, 2, Soul Reaver 1, 2, and Legacy of Kain Defiance.

The games are known for their complex puzzles, and deep compelling story.

The story focuses around a Vampire named Kain and how everyone tries to fuck with his history which is not a good idea

Standing in the FactPile-verse:

The verse is fairly strong with the main characters Kain and Raziel being immortal vampires capable of gaining different powers from taking the souls of other beings

Destructive Capacity is fairly low, but the verse does have alot of broken abilities such as blood manipulation, soul manipulation (which the verse uses alot of), time manipulation, mindrape, possession, telekinesis, intangiability, dimension warping and a soul devouring astral god that can exist in all times at once, but is lacking in significant speed feats (best feats being in the faster than the eye can see range)

Due to its broken abilities the verse stands below even Fairy Tail by quite a bit

Character Profiles:




The Elder God


Supporters of the Series:



Kitten Lord

Richard Rider


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