Friendly neighborhood name changing, Professor, Doctor, Ninja, Overlord, Omniversal Alpha President, Superintendent of Reality.. With a jetpack.

Thats all of the names right? I probably missed one.


Date Joined: Got no clue. 

Style of Debate:

Community Opinion: Sexy Geinus. 

Debater StatisticsEdit

Series Most Supported/Is A Fan Of: Ironman, Spider-Man, Batman, Dresden Files, Mass Effect, Some of the DC's New 52, Infamous, Crysis, Deus Ex: HR, Atomic Robo

Biggest Contribution of Feats for That Series

Created DebatesEdit

What if... Mass Effect and Halo universes combined

Superboy vs Starkiller

Adam Jensen vs Solid Snake

Gwen Tennyson vs Harry Dresden

Debates Participated inEdit

Halo vs Mass Effect

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