Magnus the red by comrade ogilvi-d30hvuw

Not a overtly good looking fellow, but try telling that to his face. I dare you

The CharacterEdit

Name: Magnus

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Gender: Male

Classification: Space Marine Primarch of the Thousand Sons/Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

Age: 10,000+ years old (Likely far older due to time dialations in the warp)

FactPile Tier: Low Herald

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions and stamina, regeneration (low-mid to low godly), immortality (Types 2 and 4), immunity to toxins and disease, strong resistance to magic, soulfuck and mindfuck, flight, telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, foresight, psychic avatars, energy projection, kine shields, matter transmuation and manipulation, elemental manipulation, time manipulation, soul manipulation, reality warping, can form energy blades from thought, dimensional warping and travel, warp storms, instant death, corruption of Chaos, knows every warp power in 40K

Weaknesses: His missing eye (Oh gee, where have I not seen that before), Nemesis Force Weapons

Lifting Strength: Class 100+

Striking Strength: Class T+ (Destroys mountains with his strikes, was able to match Leman Russ in CQC, said fight was creating huge earthquakes with their physical attacks)

Speed: Hypersonic+ in flight and movement, High Hypersonic+ reactions

Durability: Multi-Mountain+ (Tanks attacks from Titans that dwarf Warlord Titans, tanks plasma, melta, autocannon and lascannon fire without damage), Continent to Planetoid+ with kine shields (Capable of creating energy shields that can easily stop orbital bombardments on a whim, is far more powerful than entire Cults of Sorcerers combined, one of whom were capable of performing simlilar feats)

Destructive Capacity: Mountain+ level with physical attacks, Continent to Planetoid+ level with magic (one shots Titans that dwarf Warlord Titans, which can dish out and tank attacks that make any modern day nuke look silly, can create massive earthquakes that span for many kilometers and demolish cities, capable of raising huge mountains that exceed 50km in height and are several dozen km wide with his elemental manipulation, should be capable of producing similar levels of energy to his shields with his energy blasts, Planet+ level with warp storms

Range: Several meters melee range, many kilometers with magical attacks, Planetary+ with time maniupulation, Interplanetary+ at least with warp storms, Galactic+ with telepathy and avatars (Telepathically tortured Lorgar to the extent where he was bloodshot, statues were shattering while using a psychic avatar from one side of the galaxy)

Stamina: Huge (Can fight for weeks on end without tiring)


Force Staff, Power Sword (claimed to have the power of a star, although this is likely a hyperbole)

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

FP VictoriesEdit

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FP DefeatsEdit

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Inconclusive MatchesEdit


Respect Thread(s)Edit

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Other: Not to be confused with the similarly named character from Mortal Instruments or the other similarly named character from Kid Icarus. Not to be confused with the similarly named character from Marvel or the Autobot from Transformers with a similar name

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