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The Character Edit

Name: Mephisto

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Male

Classification: Demon, Hell-Lord

Age: Unknown, possibly several hundred thousand years old

Powers and Abilities Edit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions and stamina, regeneration (low-godly), immortality (Types 2, 3 and 4), reality warping, matter and energy manipulation, astral projection, can create interdimensional portals, illusions, shapeshifting, size shifting, manipulation of memories (possibly a form of mindrape?), time manipulation, can trap living beings in his realm, immunity to aging and disease, can exist and regenerate indefinitely as long as his realm exists, can stop others from teleporting in and out of his realm

Weaknesses: Seems to weaken in the presence of pure goodness, blood of the innocents is lethal to hell-lords such as him, prolonged absences from his realm can weaken him, cannot steal the soul of another being without their consent.

Lifting Strength: Class 100+ (can augment it to whatever level he wants)

Striking Strength: Unknown (can augment it to whatever level he wants)

Speed: FTL (can augment it to whatever level he wants)

Durability: Universe+ level at least (regeneration and immortality make him even harder to kill)

Destructive Capacity: Planetary system+ level at least | Possibly Multi-Solar System+ level (in his realm) Also Spiderman's marrige+ level :uvalaugh

Range: Universal/Cross Dimensional

Stamina: Infinite as long as he can draw power from his realm

FactPile Tier: Low Herald

Notable Attacks/Techniques Edit

FP Victories == None

FP Defeats Edit


Inconclusive Matches Edit


Respect Thread(s) Edit

Other: Mephisto is alot more powerful in his own realm than he is when outside of it, he is claimed to be omnipotent while he's in it, although this is merely a hyperbole, since Galactus was able to beat him in his own realm

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