Name: Mephiston

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Gender: Male

Species: Genetically/Psychically Enhanced Human

Affilation: Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter, Imperium of Man

Age: 10,000+ years old

FactPile Tier: High Metahuman

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, agility and stamina, regeneration (high-low), immortality (Type 1), psyker powers

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

Lifting Strength: Class 100+

Striking Strength: Class T+ (beat up M'Kar the Reborn, who evenly fought Kaldor Draigo, who beat up Mortarion)

Speed: Hypersonic+

Durability: Multi-Mountain+ level

Destructive Capacity: Mountain+ level with physical attacks, likely higher with psyker powers, plasma pistol fires blasts with destructive heat equivalent to a star

Range: Extended melee range, several kilometers at least with psyker powers

Stamina: Vastly Superhuman

Equipment: Force Sword, Plasma Pistol

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

FP Victories:

Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) - Luke Skywalker Profile

Tigurius (Warhammer 40K)

FP Defeats:


Inconclusive Matches:


Respect Thread(s):

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