The CharacterEdit

Name: Nemesis - T type 02

Origin: Resident Evil

Gender: Presumably male

Height: 8'2 (250 cm)

Weight: 250 kg (551 lb)

Species: Zombie/Mutant

Classification: Umbrella Corp, Bio Weapon

Age: Unknow


The Nemesis project was developed as an offshoot of the Tyrant project by Umbrella corp. In order to try to alleviate the Tyrants' lack of intelligence, a parasitic life form that manipulated DNA was fused to a test subject.[2] This produced results such as increased combat capability and the ability for Umbrella to control the subjects controlled by the parasite. Due to the heightened intelligence, Umbrella was able to dispatch this new batch of Tyrants to fulfill certain missions. This particular one, T02, was tasked with eliminating the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members in Raccoon City.
In the events of Resident Evil 3, Brad Vickers is the first to encounter Nemesis, and also the first one to die via impalement through the face.[3] The tyrant would then proceed to stalk and pursue Jill Valentine throughout the duration of the game.

Nemesis has shown the capability to perform such actions as maintaining stealth, pursuing and retreating when necessary, and the ability to aim at a moving target--actions that previous strains of Tyrants lacked the intelligence to commit.[4] After losing the limiter coat, Nemesis gains an increase in the number of tentacles possessed, which he then uses as a whip. His normal attacks gain more ferocity as well, from controlled punches and grabs to tentacle grabs and smashes. Nemesis has been shown capable to heal damage from electrocution, survive point blank grenade explosions completely intact, and withstand approximately a full clip of machine gun fire while in his limiter coat. Without it, his durability is presumed to be lower, as he takes a considerably shorter amount of time to down (in gameplay). Nemesis' regeneration can be seen as dependent on what is available. He is able to replace limbs in the final battle of Resident Evil 3 by consuming the remains of a dead Tyrant. This triggers a mutation that causes Nemesis to grow in size and spikes his durability to the point that it took a rail gun to take out his main body, and six magnum shots moments afterward. The final form has thus far only shown itself due to the mutation caused from the consumption of the dead tyrant.[5]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, infection, painless, can detect humans in his proximities, regeneration, mutation.

Weaknesses: Heavy firepower or big explotions

Lifting Strength: Class 2+

Striking Strength: Class 5+ Speed: Above Peak Human

Durability: Multiple-wall+ level to Building level

Destructive Capacity: Multiple-wall+ level, to Small House with weapons.

Range: Extended melee range, several dozen meter with minigun

Stamina: Infinite

Factpile Tier: Low Superhuman



Rocket Launcher

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