The Kingdom of New BritanniaEdit

Backing: League of Independent Nations

Motto:Post Tenebras Lux (Light After Darkness)

Capital: Camelot

Largest City: Avalon City

Independence declared/Formation declared: 2103

Official Languages: English

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Population: ~47,800,000

Economy: Semi-Mercantilist

  • Major Exports: Foodstuffs (Potatoes, Fish, Pork), Clothing, Intellectual Produce (Primarily books and music), Natural Resources (Iron Ore, Aluminum, Molybendium), Electronics (including computer chips)
  • Major Imports: Tobacco, Chemicals, Medicine, Higher Technology

Geography and EnvironmentEdit


Fauna Avalonian Dragon

Sea Serpent/Sea Dragon

Avalonian Boar

Culture and DemographicsEdit



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