Nier standing beside Grimoire Weiss.

This is the character from the non-Japanese version of "Nier", "Nier: Gestalt". 

The CharacterEdit

Name: Nier

Origin: Nier: Gestalt

Sex: Male

Species: Replicant

Age: Unknown, between 30-40 physically

Affiliation: Popola and Devola (resident of their village), Yonah (father), Kaine (possible love interest),


Nier is brash and rushes into situations head on. Having to survive in a world that the humans have essentially destroyed, he finds his methods necessary. A hunter by trade, he fights daily for medicine so he can keep his daughter, who has been afflicted with a deadly terminal disease, alive. When his daughter is kidnapped by the Shades (fodder of the game), Nier develops an obsessive hatred of them, killing even nonmalevolent ones. Long story short, don't fuck with Nier's daughter.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Grimoire Weiss, the source of much of Nier's power

Nier is a master swordsman, and is capable of using a wide variety of different weapons to his advantage. His ally, Grimoire Weiss (a talking magical book) gives him access to an arsenal of dark powers that are extremely devastating. He can summon dark hands that can toss aside building sized foes, summon many bolts to pelt foes with, and conjure a field full of dark lances to impale his foes on, Vlad-style.

Weaknesses: Without Grimoire Weiss on his side, he is merely peak human.

Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:



Destructive Capacity: With Weiss, Building +. Without, Street +.

Range: With Weiss, long to medium. Without, medium to short.


FactPile Tier: Mid Street to Low Superhuman



Nier favors heavy weapons.

Grimoire Weiss:
Nier's companion in the shape of a magical tome that grants him extreme dark power. Weiss is the source of much of Nier's actual power, so if Nier ends up in any battles it must be specified that Weiss is allowed. 

Sword: A sword.

Lance: A lance.

Heavy Sword: A heavy sword.

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

Note: These attacks are in tandem with Weiss. Charging these dark attacks slows Nier's perception of time, or presumably does as in-game time slows when spells are charged. Possible gameplay mechanic.

Dark Blast: A basic spell that sends out a simple dark missile, or can send out multiple homing missiles at once.

Dark Lance: Forms a lance of dark energy that is then launched at the enemy at high speeds. 

Dark Hand: Nier is able to summon enormous Dark Hands that can exceed the size of buildings and becomes capable of throwing impossibly huge enemies around like nothing. 

Dark Phantasm: Nier summons a duplicate of himself that flies forward and slices enemies. If he charges it, the phantom will attack all enemies within a certain radius of him.

Dark Gluttony: Allows Nier to focus magical energy into a projectile attack.

Dark Wall: Nier summons a barrier of darkness that can repel enemy projectiles for a short time. If fully charged it creates a personal bubble that shields Nier from all directions. This shield does not stop melee attacks.

Dark Execution: Nier summons several spears from the ground to impale his enemies upon. 

Dark Whirlwind: Nier summons four dark blades that orbit him and strike at enemies in proximity. These blades can also be fired as projectiles.

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