Omniscience is an attribute characterized by knowing all information that can possibly be known. Following the logic that knowledge is power, omniscience is indeed a tremendous power; however, omniscience itself does not grant the means by which to influence or cause events. An omniscient being knows when and where someone will die, but does not necessarily have the ability to prevent it. They will know how to escape danger, but may not have legs with which to run. Most omniscient characters in fiction are also extremely powerful, if not all-powerful

Furthermore, omniscience does not include within it's definition knowledge that is impossible and cannot exist. It is not possible to kill a truly omnipotent being, therefore an omniscient being will not know how to do so. 

Near OmniscienceEdit

Near-omniscience or nigh-omniscience is a term used to describe knowing almost everything. Beings who possess most of the knowledge in their respective universe/reality are beings who approach, but do not achieve, true omniscience. Thus, they are nigh-omniscient.

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