Raiden 60


Name: Jack

Alias(es): Raiden, Jack the Ripper, Mr. Lightning Bolt, White Devil

Origin: Metal Gear

Sex: Male

Height: 1.82 m. (6')

Weight: 81 kg. (178 lb.) [1]

Species: Human Cyborg

Affiliation: Army of the Devil, United States Army, The Patriots, Philanthropy, Paradise Lost Army, Maverick Security Consulting, Inc.

Age: Thirty-five.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Physical StrengthEdit

Arm strength: 1000+ tonnes

Bench press: Unknown.

Deadlift: Unknown.

Leg press: Unknown.

Overhead press: Unknown.

Pushing/Pulling strength: Unknown.

Striking strength: Town level

Vertical jump: Unknown.


Reaction time: Likely microsecond range

Combat speed: Massively Hypersonic

Running speed: 26+ m/s based on Raiden's ability to catch up to a freight train.

Flight speed: Not applicable.

Swimming speed: Not applicable.

Vehicular speed: Not applicable.


Brittleness: Unknown.

Compressive strength: Unknown.

Elasticity: Unknown.

Electrical resistivity: Unknown.

Force: Unknown.

Hardness: Unknown.

Ionizing radiation: Unknown.

Kinetic energy: Unknown.

Malleability: Unknown.

Non-ionizing radiation: Unknown.

Plasticity: Unknown.

Pressure: Unknown.

Shear strength: Unknown.

Stiffness: Unknown.

Tensile strength: Unknown.

Thermal energy: The actual temperature is currently unknown, but Raiden is vulnerable to plasma.

Toughness: Capable of taking high degrees of blunt force without fracturing.

Voltage: Unknown.

Wattage: Unknown.


When it comes to blunt force trauma, Raiden is capable of continuing to fight, even after he's received a beating from the likes of Senator Armstrong.

Destructive capabilityEdit

Destructive rangeEdit


Standard EquipmentEdit

High-frequency blade.

FactPile Tier: Not determined.

FP VictoriesEdit

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FP LossesEdit

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Respect thread(s)Edit

Currently none.