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This is an area for all the various Roleplays taking place on Factpiletopia. It is part of the Piler Stuff section, so it is moderated by the Piler Corner Mods(Hitman H94 and John-117).

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Active Roleplays Edit

For Roleplays currently going on. If there has not been a post in over a month(Without a legitimate reason for why), then it will be declared Inactive.

Wargames Edit

Cabal Sector

Character Roleplays Edit

None Currently

Dice games Edit

None Currently

Inactive Roleplays Edit

For Roleplays that have either died or never really taken off.

Wargames Edit

Drakite Wars 2 Shattered Empire

Drakite Wars: Reborn Grand Arbiters

Kallium City of Crime

Character Roleplays Edit

Millennium City

Sanctity Falls

Titan Sector

Devils Railway

Wrath of the Imperium

Ardent Dawn

Our Final Frontier

DBZ Wars

Black Death; Red Death

Dice Games Edit


Reals of Chaos and Order

Baron's Dice of Death


Zombie RPG


Japan: 1946


JMT's Dice

Krazycrismore's Crossover Game

One Power

Kyle's Game

Star System HAVEN427, Planet FP-T3

Invasion Day

I dunno's Dice

War is hell........and sometimes can be quite strange

Finished Roleplays Edit

For Roleplays that have finished.

Wargames Edit

A Gentleman's War

Eclipse: The Lunar Wars

Character Games Edit


Dice Games Edit

Siggy's Shall We Play a Game

Future RoleplaysEdit

Roleplays underdevelopment.


Eclipse 2

Character GamesEdit


Dice GamesEdit