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Name: Victor Creed

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Male

Classification: Human Mutant

Age: 200+ years old

FactPile Tier: Low Superhuman

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, agility, longevity, and stamina, regeneration (at least low-mid), superhuman senses, immunity to toxins and disease because of his regeneration, adamantium coated skeleton, retractable claws

Weaknesses: Anti-regeneration weapons

Lifting Strength: Class 10+

Striking Strength: Class 10+, can tear through virtually any substance with his claws due to adamantium

Speed: Faster than the eye can see, supersonic reactions

Durability: Building+ level (muscles and skin are stronger than steel cables, adamantium is invulnerable to planet busters)

Destructive Capacity: Building+ level

Range: Melee range

Stamina: Vastly Superhuman

Equipment: Various firearms

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

FP Victories:

Solid Snake, Master Chief and Arbiter (Metal Gear and Halo) - Solid Snake Profile, Master Chief Profile, Arbiter Profile

FP Defeats:

Venom, Carnage, Anti-Venom and Toxin (Marvel) - Venom Profile, Carnage Profile, Anti-Venom ProfileToxin Profile (was allied with Wolverine, Daken and X-23)

Inconclusive Matches:


Respect Thread(s):

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