Other than being the soft drink franchise or a movie of the same name, the word "solo" on FP (and pretty much every other debate site) refers to a single character single handedly defeating an entire group of characters, a faction, or even a fictional universe. Example, in an Character A, B, C and D vs Character E, F, G and H match, someone may say "Character B solos", meaning character B can defeat Team B by himself without any help from Characters A, C and D. Can also refer to a single faction defeating an entire universe (particularly in sci-fi debates eg. Necrons solo Star Trek)

Examples of soloing: Goku GT solos DBZ, Broly solos Naruto-verse, Yusuke solos Bleach, Angron solos One Peice, Task Force 141 solos Nolanverse, Grox from Spore solos Holy Shonen Trinity

You might also be looking for a similarly named meme/variant

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