Class H: Human Level

Class KJ: Wall Level

Class MJ: Building Level

Class GJ: City Block Level

Class TJ: Town Level

Class PJ: City Level

Class PJ+: Mountain level

Class EJ: Island Level

Class ZJ: Country Level

Class YJ: Continent Level

Class NJ: Moon Level

Class XJ: Planet Level

Class XKJ: Large Planet Level

Class XMJ: Small Star Level

Class XGJ: Star Level

Class XTJ: Large Star/Supernova Level

Class XPJ: Solar System/Neutron Star Level

Galactic Class: Galaxy Level

Multi-Galactic Class: Multi-Galaxy Level

Universe Class: Universe Level

Immeasurable: Anything higher

Infinite: Omnipotent-only

See also:

Lifting Strength



Destructive Capacity

Reaction Times

Bullet Timer

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