About Edit

The Suggsverse is a series of stories written by Lionel Suggs, and the series is rather renowned and infamous throughout vs forums due to it's power and writing.

Reception Edit

The Suggsverse is thought of poorly by other people, due to it's subject matter, writing style and background.

Power Edit

Suggsverse is extremely powerful, to the point that even cannon-fodder level characters are beyond omnipotent, and with all kinds of abilites, such as a character erasing 16 centillion metaverses by doing ordinary things, for example, flexing a muscle. The Suggsverse also has a complex Tiering System and Cosmic Hierarchy.

More information can be found at the Suggsverse wiki.

File:Suggsverse Introduction

Characters Edit

Christopher Sincere Pride

The Ace of Spades


Avalon Crown

Alex Victory

Villain Descendingsword


Alexander Birthright

Seis Esmeralda

Serene Vel Gladius


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