Name: Kon-El

Origin: DC n52

Gender: Male

Classification: Kryptonian

Age: Mid teens, exact age unknown

FactPile Tier: High Superhuman

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, stamina and agility, regeneration (mid-low), flight, heat vision, tactile telekinesis (can use for forcefields, force blasts, augmenting physical abilities, flight and dissasembling devices), immunity to toxins and disease, can absorb solar energy, super breath, 

Weaknesses: Kryptonite, Red Sun radiation, magic (technically not a weakness, he just lacks resistance to it)

Lifting Strength: Class 3+ (can augment his strength with TK)

Striking Strength: Class 3+

Speed: Supersonic+ (can augment speed with TK)

Durability: Superhuman+ (can augment durability with TK)

Destructive Capacity: Likely large building+ level

Range: Melee range, several hundred+ meters to several kilometers+ with powers

Stamina: Superhuman (can keep up his stamina as long as he has yellow sunlight)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

FP Victories:

Starkiller (Star Wars) - Starkiller Profile

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