TauExpansion (1)

Tau Territory

Name: Tau Empire

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Classification: Interstellar Alien Empire

Age: At least 6000 years old

Population: At least in the billions, possibly higher

K-Level: 2

Technologies/Abilities: FTL spaceships that have some form of "short burst" FTL travel, FTL communications, weapons powerful enough to lifewipe whole planets with sustained bombardment (starship weapons are island to continent+ level dependant on the weapon), powerful ground vehicles, units, kinetic and energy weapons, starbusting technology, strategic prowess, energy shields, gravity manipulation tech, dark matter tech

Weaknesses: FTL travel is limited to short bursts due to lack of psychic navigators/units

Industrial Capacity: Very high, far greater than the IoM's

Holdings/Territory: Several star systems, their territory is 300 LY wide

Notable Individuals:

Commander Farsight

FP Victories:

Covenant (Halo) - Covenant Profile

Protoss (StarCraft)

Zerg (StarCraft) - Zerg Profile

FP Defeats:

Halo-verse (Halo) (it should be noted the Tau lost due to their recent retcon)

Space Pirates (Metroid) - Space Pirates Profile

Inconclusive Matches:


Respect Thread(s):

Tau Empire Respect Thread

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