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Name: Imperium of Man

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Classification: Human/Posthuman civilization

Age: 10,000+ years old

Population: Easily in the quadrillions

K-Level: 3 or close to it

Technologies/Abilities: Genetic engineering and cybernetics that can create super soldiers such as Space Marines, some humans have telepathic and telekinetic abilities, FTL spaceships, starship weapons powerful enough to lifewipe whole planets with sustained bombardment (ship weapons are island to continent+ level dependant on the weapon), torpedoes that can life wipe and even destroy entire planets in an operation known as an Exterminatus, virus bombs that destroy all organic life on a planet, energy shields, powerful vehicles and armies, kinetic and energy weapons, FTL communications via telepathy, several others

Weaknesses: Warp travel is relatively slow, dangerous and very unreliable, taking at least a few years to cross a galaxy, sometimes even dispacling thier target in time, their society is dogmatic and unwilling to think originally or take neccesary steps to win a battle if they go against their dogma

Industrial Capacity: Impossibly massive

Holdings/Territory: Several million worlds throught the Milky Way

Notable Individuals:

Bjorn the Fellhanded

Caiphas Cain

Commissar Yarrick

Corvus Corax

Ferrik Jurgen

Ferrus Manus

Gideon Ravenor

God Emperor of Mankind

Gregor Eisenhorn

Jaghatai Khan

Justicar Alaric

Kaldor Draigo

Leman Russ

Lion El'Johnson


Ragnar Blackmane

Rogal Dorn


Varro Tigurus


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