The CharacterEdit

Name: Thor Odinson, Donald Blake in his mortal form

Origin: Marvel

Gender: Male

Height: 7'5 (2.30 cm)

Weight: 230 kg (507 lb)

Species: Unknown

Affiliation: God of Thunder and Strength, Asgardian, Avengers, the Humankind.

Age: Several billion years old

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions and agility, lightning projection, earth manipulation, can detect magic, immunity to disease, regeneration (low-mid), immortality (Type 1), dimensional travel, astral projection, several powers granted from Mjolnir, billions of years worth of combat experience, can survive in space and in extreme cosmic conditions (like the core of our sun)

Weaknesses: Holds back against most opponents, used to revert to mortal form if he lost Mjolnir for too long however this is no longer the case.  

Lifting Strength: Class Z+ (Lifted the planet-sized Midgard Serpent - 6.600 Trillions of tons) / At least Class Y+ (can hold the weight of multiple planets)

Striking Strength: Stellar Class+ | At least Stellar Class+ with the Odinforce | Galactic Class+ as Rune King Thor

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Mach 3000+ at minimum) with FTL reactions, Massively FTL with Mjolnir (was able to outfly Ego in hyperspace, so easily in the several thousand c range)

Durability: Star Level+ | Solar System Level+, potentially Galaxy Level+ with the Odinforce | Universe Level as Rune King Thor

Destructive Capacity: Star Level+ (Dented Silver Surfer's head) | Potentially Multi-Galaxy+ level with the Odinforce | Universal Level as Rune King Thor.

Range: Multi-Galatic+, In Rune KIng Thor Universal+

Stamina: Massively Superhuman (fought with Zeus for 9 months and end without tiring).

Factpile Tier: Transcendant | Low Skyfather, potentially Mid Skyfather with the Odinforce | Cube Being as Rune King Thor



Notable Attacks/Techniques:Edit

FP Victories:Edit

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FP Defeats:Edit

Saint of Killers (DC Comics)

Inconclusive Matches:Edit

Dark Schneider (Bastard!!) - Dark Schneider Profile (Thor was in his Rune King incarnation)

Respect Thread(s):Edit

Thor Respect Thread

1 = Thor can solo the verse

Other: It should be noted that some pilers disagree with Thor's FTL speed, namely Carmine and Alpha or Omega

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