Typhus Battle

Badass Plague Marine, who looks a bit like a Hive Tyrant

Name: Typhus

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Gender: Male

Species: Genetically Enhanced Human (Chaos Space Marine)

Affilation: Chaos, Plague Marines (Death Guard Legion), Imperium of Man (defected)

Age: 10,000+ years old (likely far older due to the time dialations in the warp)

FactPile Tier: High Superhuman

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, durability, reactions and endurance, poison manipulation, corruption, summoning diseased insect swarms, soul manipulation (with Manreaper), immortality (Type 1), regeneration (mid-low)

Weaknesses: Slow in movement

Lifting Strength: Class 60+ (based off high end showings of bog standard Marines, Typhus is easily superior to them)

Striking Strength: Class K+

Speed: Slow, reactions are unknown

Durability: City Block+ level (based off high end Marine durability feats, which Typhus is easily superior and has enourmous endurance being host to the Destroyer Hive)

Destructive Capacity: Likely Building+ level | Likely far higher with psyker powers | Destroyer Hive ignores conventional durability and disease immunity due to its reality warping properties

Range: Extended melee range, tens to hundreds of meters with psyker powers

Stamina: Vastly superhuman

Equipment: Manreaper (two handed daemonic scythe)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Nurgle's Rot: Disease that can affect the Fabric of Reality to infect its foes, making any resistance or immunity to disease irrelevant, slowly infects and turns the victim into a Plaguebearer

Wind of Chaos: Waves of energy from Typhus that manifest as bilious filth (as per Nurgle sorcerers powers)

Destroyer Hive: A swarm of diseased insects that infect opponents in the same fashion as Nurgle's Rot, same plague literally subdued Mortarion, converting him to Chaos and turning him into a Daemon Prince

FP Victories:

Kharn the Betrayer and Lucius the Eternal (Warhammer 40K) - Kharn ProfileLucius Profile (the match was a free for all)

FP Defeats:


Inconclusive Matches:


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Note: There is talk about Typhus being on the level of the Primarchs. But there is no proof of this thus far

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