Well, as far as I understand, having power a million times greater than multiversal scale would "only" make the Pre-Retcon Beyonder into an extremely high 5-dimensional being, since a multiverse has 5 dimensions. In comparison, well after the Beyonder was downgraded to universal scale, the Living Tribunal was stated to have been retroactively upgraded to 16 dimensional scale, which is 11 degrees of infinity above that.

Omnipotence seems to be a relative concept. As in, just because a character is supreme in one setting does not mean that it would be in another, and vice versa, just because a character is not supreme in one setting dies not mean that it wouldn't be supreme in another. Basically, Pre-Retcon Beyonder was the biggest kid on the block back when all of Marvel's cosmic characters were far weaker, but would probably only have been one of the gang if introduced when the Living Tribunal was at its peak.

Of course, the LT has since been downgraded and killed off, but I digress. ~Antvasima

That is wrong i made a wikipedia page for such a false statement where staff approved my work here

i have rest my case!

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